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Biosustain (T) Ltd promotes sustainable agricultural systems with high impact on poverty reduction and it ensure viable income generating activities for rural households by creating reliable market channels for the sustainable cotton.

Note:- The implementation from the company involves the following:

  • Farmers groups established and operational up to registered AMCOS.
  • Strengthening of Extension services to farmer groups AMCOS.
  • Training of farmers on good agronomic practices.
  • Marketing at farm level through MOU with AMCOS is established and strengthened.
  • Quality management of the products and certification
  • Food security through rotational crops
  • New cotton seeds multiplication system
  • Marketing of rotational crops apart of organic cotton to create sustainable trade
  • Training on botanical pesticides production and uses
  • Integration pest management
  • Farmer Business schools
  • Training through Demo plots


BioSustain has one projet running with approximately 24,000 farmers involved in production of sustainable organic crops like cotton, Sun flower seeds, Ground nuts, yellow gram, Paddy and green gram.

In this project BioSustan has a flow of extension activities with approximately 262 extension workers from Project manager, ICS manager, districts coordinators and extension workers who are fully committed to train farmers in organic sustainable production in order to increase productivity, enhance income increase, environmental friendly and alleviate poverty.

This main project is taking place in Singida Region as well as in Meatu District of Simiyu Region and the new Tabora Region for cotton production.:

Organic Products

  • Organic cotton
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Sesame seeds
  • Yellow gram
  • Green gram
  • Ground nuts